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You're invited! The BE SEEN Content Hack-a-thon: The single most goof-proof way to grow your online authority, 6X your audience and make more sales in 2023

Discover the Framework that cuts down your marketing efforts by 50%, but triples your selling factor in just 5 days (even if your budget is skimpier than your beachwear and your team = you + your cat).

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Tell me, is this you?


An entrepreneur using your personal brand to sell


You want to market yourself on social media, build an audience and an authority, and finally start multiplying your sales in 2023


You have been told that focusing on one platform at a time is the only way to build your online authority (until you have the budget to market yourself on multiple channels like all the ‘bigwigs’ do)


But you have no clue if the platform you’re currently focusing on is the ‘right’ one, if repurposing content is really going to move the needle for you vs staying focused on just one platform, or how to broaden your audience in the meantime


But you also see the possibilities that come with being everywhere, reaching a larger audience that is already primed to buy, and always staying top of mind in your buyer’s head- regardless of what stage of business you’re in.

You try...


taking a DIY Facebook/ Instagram/ TikTok course and forcing yourself to get comfortable on video


following influencers who seem to know all about the algorithm and how it works (even when employees of the platform don't have access to that information)


creating a schedule to post consistently on social media, and trying your damnedest to stick to it


doing the math on how much you need to save up in order to hire a social media manager (or possibly a whole marketing team) 


buying a bunch of social media templates and an expensive AI copywriting tool to help you create more content and show up consistently


  • None of these bring very many eyeballs to your content

  • None of these make people sit up and take notice of how life-changing your offers are

  • And none of these bring in many- or any (ugh)- actual sales

So you...


blame the algorithm


blame the platform


blame the courses you’ve spent your time and savings on


blame your lack of time


blame your lack of team


tell yourself that a little break, a little patience and a lot of persistence are all you need to eventually break through to the other side


decide to focus on your offers instead of your marketing because ‘build it and they will come’, right?

Yet all you feel is increasing amounts of dejection, frustration, and burnout.

You don’t need to do this anymore.

I have developed a plug-and-play SYSTEM that takes away..


The need to constantly be on the content creation hamster wheel


The obsession to compare your follower count with someone else’s, because you’re too busy building an authority instead of just a following


The problem of little to no engagement


The struggle with getting people to like you, buy from you, and stay with you offer after offer, sale after sale

It literally & truly takes you from a mediocre content creator to an unmistakable powerhouse in just 8 hours, without having to rob a bank (or Elon Musk’s identity)

Who am I & WHY you should listen to me

  • I have managed marketing campaigns for tech giants such as Apple and Motorola, and also for tiny businesses and solopreneurs trying to launch their very first offer, for over 9 years now- and have figured out how to bridge the gap to get sustainable results regardless of budget size.

  • I am not a millionaire- not even close. That means that I actually understand the context of online marketing on a small budget TODAY- vs 2, 3 or even 5 years ago- because I’m in it right there with you.

  • Most influencers today found their footing when the platforms they grew on were still relatively new- and those same strategies no longer work when your competition on these same platforms has more than doubled (if you’ve bought a template or course from an influencer and you’re still wondering why on earth it didn’t work for you, then you know exactly what I mean)

  • The only advice circling around on social media is to either focus on one platform at a time (which is like putting all of your content eggs in just one social basket), or to go omni-channel by investing in a team and delegating tasks- a strategy that just doesn't work for solopreneurs with a dream bigger than their team

  • This is the first system of its kind- and there is literally nothing else like it on the market that can come close to helping you go omni-channel without a big budget, team or a bunch of Trello boards

  • I have launched 3 businesses profitably so far. Although none of them made me a millionaire in the 2 years each that I ran them, I did learn a ton about what works and what doesn’t in this completely digital world ridden with robots and algorithms, and where standing out simply based on your authentic self is HARD AF. The only thing that keeps my sales flowing in even with a small following? Is that I am super-Google-able. And I’m here to make sure that you are, too.

LOOK, I know what you are thinking..

It won't work for me because I am too old, too tired or too ‘stiff’ to be on social media

I don’t have the confidence to be on camera

If it were that simple, everyone would be an internet superstar

How is this different from taking a social media course that teaches me to use a Trello board full of ideas- and to post something consistently every day?

I already have a decent budget with a small but capable team, so I’ll let them handle my social media accounts because they know best.

Let me show you why this system is unlike anything you have seen before, and why this is exactly what your current marketing system is missing..

regardless of budget, AGE, SKILL or team-size




The BE SEEN Method

  • First of its kind to show you how to build an authority on multiple platforms with or without video skills, a hefty budget, or a big team

  • Specifically designed to be a plug-and-play system so simple that even your grandma could learn to use it.

  • Delivered through a live, in-person workshop over 2 days, with lots of hand holding from me- and multiple levels of ongoing support thereafter


  • Lead you down a single-platform rabbit-hole, follower-count obsession, and a video-first fallacy that can get you stuck and feeling depleted

  • Designed to be high-input/ low-output- unless you have a kick-ass marketing team at your disposal

  • Mostly theory with pre-recorded courses and varying amounts of support that end after a specific time period.

This is what you will walk away with from this life-changing, 5-day hack-a-thon:

Feature Headline

The one critical item that your content strategy is missing and that is causing your marketing efforts to fall flatter than a pancake (hint: it has nothing to do with video!).

Feature Headline

How to generate AND repurpose multiple pieces of content with minimal time, effort and brain power so that you can focus on building an authority instead of just a following.

Feature Headline

Why you need a system to go with your strategy so that you can 10X your content (and your selling power) without burning out.

Feature Headline

How you can generate, repurpose and share content all while cutting down on your time and expenses all at the same time, so that 2023 is more about letting your systems do the work instead of your brain power.

Not knowing these digital marketing landmines could not only cost you a flood of sales, but also keep you trapped as ‘a small fish in a big pond’ forever.

And the reality is, a brand without authority is like a push-up bra without straps...




Got questions? We've got answers!

What tools will I need at the workshop?

None at all! We will help set you up with a free account on our favorite software- Buttr & ManyChat- so you can get things set up and done as we work through the BE SEEN framework together. Or if you're already using a website builder, email marketing software and a social media scheduling platform that you love, you're more than welcome to use those to set up your framework as well.

Will there be a replay?

Since trainings and videos can only get you so far, we really want this to be more of a get-shit-done kind of workshop so we can actually set up your systems, framework and assets together and have you walk away with a setup that you can continue to use after the workshop to generate results for yourself- versus leaving you with a bunch of in-actionable theory that won't really move the needle for you. For this specific reason, we have decided not to offer replays at this time but if you can't make it live and really want access to the framework, reach out to us at smiles@beseenmachine.com and we'd be happy to see what we can do for you!

Can I invite my team members and business besties?

Absolutely! We ask for at least one registration per business, so while your team members are welcome to join with your link, we do ask that your business besties register separately for the event so feel free to share the link to this page with them! This helps us make sure that each of you are in the loop about workshop timings, software links and special discounts and other goodies so you don't miss out on a thing.

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